UNESCO Wenhui Award 2018 for education innovation in Asia-Pacific

UNESCO Bangkok is seeking applications for Wenhui Award 2018 for education innovation  that will serve to improve the access to and quality of education and training, especially to those most in need. The Award shall be conferred on two individuals or institutions in recognition of their commitment and outstanding efforts in the development of educational innovations according to the theme of the year. The two winners will receive a Certificate of Excellence and prize money of US$ 20,000 each. Certificates of Merit may also be awarded to individuals or institutions that have demonstrated commendable innovative practices.

The specific objectives of the Wenhui Award 2018 for education innovation are to:

• Value and encourage innovative school, family and community collaboration in enhancing the quality of education and learning;

• Recognize the collective contributions of individuals or institutions in developing innovative school, family and community collaboration to improve the quality of education and learning; and

• Foster indigenous wisdom and ingenuity in innovative school, family and community
collaboration in enhancing the quality of education and learning.

Application deadline: July 27,2018

Eligibility criteria

Individuals or institutions from UNESCO Member States in Asia and the Pacific region that have designed and implemented significant educational innovations in the professional development of teachers leading to improved access to, and quality in, education and skills development will be eligible for the Award.

To qualify for nomination for the Wenhui Award 2018, the candidates shall possess the following qualifications or attributes:

• Have demonstrated their ability in developing innovative school, family and community
collaborations that have helped to enhance the quality of education and learning;

• Have verified the positive impact of their innovative practices in bringing about noticeable
changes in the quality of education and learning;

• Have proven their commitment in promoting and supporting the principles of inclusive and lifelong quality learning for all; and

• Have established that their innovative practices are current and relevant to the educational issues of the 21st century.


Nominations shall be submitted to the Award Secretariat at UNESCO Bangkok through the
National Commissions for UNESCO, UNESCO Offices and other organizations associated with UNESCO, using an official Award Application Form available online at

Each nomination for Wenhui Award 2018 must be accompanied by the following attachments:

  • Description of the candidate’s/institution’s background and achievements (1 page, A4 size, in English)
  • Summary of work, publications and other relevant documents of major importance (maximum of 4 pages, A4 size, in English)
  • Evidence to support the nomination of the candidate (may be in English or local language)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (in English or local languages)
  • Consent form for use and distribution of materials
  • All nominations must reach the Award Secretariat by 27 July 2018. Please check with your nomination agency on the status of your submission.

For list of UNESCO offices, see http://portal.unesco.org/en/ev.phpURL_ID

For list of National Commissions for UNESCO in the Asia-Pacific region, see

Conditions of entry

All entries must be from the Asia-Pacific region.

• The work must be attested to be authentic and original.
• The innovation must be current or initiated in the last five years.
• Shortlisted entries may be asked to supply more documents or evidence, if necessary.
• All entries must be accompanied by evidence that supports the nomination.
• All nominees will be responsible for the delivery of their materials to their respective nomination agencies and for checking that their materials are received by the Award Secretariat.
• All submissions will be taken to imply the granting of permission to publish all materials and particulars, without charge to UNESCO.
• All nominees must complete the consent form available online at the Award website permitting UNESCO to publish and share their work, on the understanding that the work will be fully acknowledged and credited to the relevant individuals or institutions stated in the nomination forms.
• All materials submitted will not be returned.
• The jury’s decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into.

Evaluation criteria

The emphasis of the Wenhui Award 2018 is on innovations in school, family and community collaboration, not scientific inventions. In line with the theme of the 2018 Award, Innovations in School, Family and Community Collaboration for Quality Education, innovations that can demonstrate real changes in values, mindsets, practices, behaviours and skills of students will be positively assessed.

More specifically, the entries will be evaluated according to selected criteria, such as:

• Uniqueness and originality of the innovation
• Timeliness and relevance of the innovation
• Success and impact of the innovation
• Leadership and management of the innovation
•Quality of the supporting evidence
• Innovative use of available resources
• Potential for replication of the innovation
•Sustainability of the innovation

For more information,please visit https://bangkok.unesco.org/content/wenhui-award-2018


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