UNCTAD Youth Forum 2018 – Youth Entrepreneurship: A Force Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

Every two years, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) organizes a Youth Forum. This year’s Forum will take place as part of a larger event, the UNCTAD 2018 World Investment Forum.The 2018 theme is Youth Entrepreneurship: A Force Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth. The UNCTAD Youth Forum 2018 will primarily focus on topics that relate to youth empowerment through entrepreneurship, with particular emphasis on investing in digital youth, involving youth at the negotiation table, outlining the vision of millennials and how youth can think globally and act locally.

The UNCTAD Youth Forum 2018 offers the opportunity for youth to :

  • exchange views and experiences and strengthen a network of future leaders from different places in the world ;
  • have an interactive dialogue with global players involved in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals where youth can raise awareness on issues they consider of major concern and that they want to see included in the international agenda.
  • learn more about UNCTAD’s work and projects with youth and have a discussion on how to get youth further involved.

Eligibility criteria

• Be between the age of 18 and 30
• Able to speak in and understand English
• Have a valid passport (for applicants outside of Switzerland)
•Have experience (from their studies or work) in the areas of UNCTAD’s work/focus.Evidence of projects related to trade and development (academic and professional) will be considered as experience in the field. Participants will then be invited to describe their experience in their video and/or letter of motivation .


Participants are expected to identify their own sources of funding for their participation


The application process for UNCTAD Youth Forum 2018 consists of two steps:

Step 1 – Click here and fill in the online application form. Please ensure that you:

  • Create a short video (maximum of two minutes and in mp4 format only) demonstrating
    your motivation for wanting to participate in the UNCTAD Youth Forum. Creativity and
    originality are encouraged. You can upload the video from a computer to either Youtube
    or Vimeo
  • Fully complete the online application form, including the URL of your video and your letter of motivation (300 words maximum). The letter of motivation should address the following points:
    o Why do you want to participate in UNCTAD Youth Forum?
    o In which way do you intend to contribute to the Forum?
    o What knowledge and skills have you gathered from any previous experience or
    education and how will these enrich the conversation and actions moving forward?

Step 2 – Provide a letter of recommendation from a high-level official or authority at a University,Institution or Business. The letter must be sent to the email address unctadyouth@unctad.org and clearly mention your name.

Selection Criteria

The UNCTAD Youth Forum 2018 is designed for a maximum of 250 participants from around the world.

The selection criteria will be based on principles of equitable geographical representation,
balanced gender distribution, diversity of backgrounds (e.g. age, areas of studies and additional experience), and the quality of the supporting material attached with the applications, (e.g. originality in the video and letter of motivation).

A Committee from UNCTAD will select the Youth Forum participants.

For more information,please visit http://unctad.org


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