Orange Fab France Women Start program 2018 for women entrepreneurs

Orange Fab France Women Start program is a specific acceleration program dedicated to
women founders or co-founders of start-ups around the world to help them to develop their
business and their activities. The program aims to help female (co) founders of start-up to sign business partnerships with an Orange business unit and encourage them to go international.

Application deadline: June 24,2018


The projects put forward by the female entrepreneurs can touch on various fields such as
the customer experience, the digital company (improvement of business processes, human
resources, communication, etc.), education, and artificial intelligence. Generally speaking,
initiatives based on digital innovation will score highly.

For Orange Fab France Women Start program 2018,Eligible projects will meet the following criteria

  • The product/service must be marketed or marketable
  • It must be an innovative solution, and
  • It must have a female founder/cofounder.
  • Providing market access to start-ups founded by women


Every year, Orange Fab France launches several calls for applications. They choose start-ups with innovative projects and a coherent team, and which address a specific Orange requirement:

Here are the categories your start-up could belong to: 

  • Client experience
  • Digital Business ( Improvement of business process, Human Resources, Communication…)
  • Connected Objects, IOT
  • Personal Data Management & Big Data
  • Cloud Services & Technologies
  • Aggregation of content ( Games, videos…)
  • FinTech (Mobile payement, money transfer…)
  • Enriched communication
  • Cybersecurity
  • Education
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Solutions for internal and external events
  • Health


Your start-up will enjoy the same benefits as it would in the ‘Original’ and ‘Telecom Track’
programs, The start-up’s management will be reinforced during the acceleration phase with
the support of internal and external mentors.

Orange Fab France Women Start program will also give the start-ups greater prominence, namely personalized support from specialists, optional financing of 15,000€, and access to the Orange Gardens workspace, which houses the Group’s research and innovation teams.


Apply here:

You will need to create an account before application.

Selection criteria:

• A marketed or marketable product or service.
• An innovative solution in the digital field.
• A women founder or co-founder.

For more information,please visit


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